Playing Catch Up

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday~

I am so sorry about the blogging absence! There is a very good reason for it, I promise. Just take a look at the last couple of days:

Friday: Packed 1 month’s worth of clothing, snacks, and work materials into a beast of a suitcase, made a big pot of vegan chili, opened a bottle of red wine, and watched season 1 of The OC with Tats (not that he likes the show or anything…) It’s our last weekend together before I am gone for a month so I wanted to make this an extra cozy and special weekend, just the two of us :)

Saturday: Last Saturday in town so I decided to “live it up” by doing all the things I love and take a break from cooking all the time! I worked out with Tats, had vegan ramen (very gross, actually) from Ippudo for brunch, and had dinner at ABC Cocina (decent vegan options). At ABC Cocina, we ordered the shaved brussels sprouts salad with marcona almonds, mushroom and kale tacos, guacamole, and roasted ruby red grapefruit salsa. YUM!!! The food was absolutely amazing, but the service was very much lacking. When we asked our waiter what he recommended off the menu, he replied “Food”. Gee, thanks guy.

Anyhow, we didn’t let a mean server ruin our night. Afterwards we went to Blue Smoke to watch a live jazz band, the Houston Person band, and it was awesome. We stayed for two consecutive shows and I had two dirty martinis :P


This vegan ramen from Ippudo was actually offensively bad. First of all, it was served in a witch’s cauldron. Second, it contained under-cooked red rice, taro balls that were frozen in the middle, a sickeningly sweet vegan broth made from who knows what, about 10 noodles, and a random handful of goji berries. And it was $18 a bowl!! Someone call the nasty food police!


These vegetable buns from Ippudo were not bad at least, but they weren’t great either. They are made of deep fried mushrooms and eggplant with a sweet and sour sauce. $10? No, sir. Ippudo, what happened to you? You used to be so… good…

Sunday: I slashed my mobile plan by 2/3 by switching from AT&T to T-Mobile (more on how to do this later, this is a great idea for anyone on AT&T!). Then I had brunch with my sister and Tats at Bareburger in the Lower East Side, shopped at the Eyes Lip Face concept store ($3 for makeup!) and worked out at P57.

FYI – Bareburger is a fantastic, affordable place for a healthy and filling meal that will satisfy all kinds of eaters. Tats and my sister, who are both carnivores, had meat burgers while I had a black bean burger, and everyone was very happy with their selection. In addition to our burgers we also got fries and onion rings to share. It was around $17/ person, tax and tip all in! And they have locations all over NYC.


Now THIS was a good burger! It’s a vegan black bean burger with cilantro, tomatoes, vegan cheese, lettuce, red onion and portobello mushroom. It was DELICIOUS! I highly recommend this place.

Monday – Tuesday: Commuting to Long Island for work! And I am sharing my screen with many other people so it’s near impossible to do a lunch-time post. I’m also working about 12 hours a day trying to wrap everything up before my business trip, during which I’ll be in training all day and won’t have time for daily business.

As you can see, these past couple days have been jam packed, and I really haven’t had the time to sit down and write a meaningful post! Even this one, as I’m writing it, is rushed because I have a 4 pm deadline.

But, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I’m still putzing around, just very busy. I should get a break after this Wednesday, when I will be back on my regular schedule and no longer commuting to Long Island. Then, I will be able to share recipes and more pictures from the week in detail :)

Anyhow, how have you guys been doing?


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