Hello! My name is Ting and welcome to my little space on the internet where I share my love of healthy eating, fitness, and mental well-being.

Easier said than done, right? Always. But it’s easier for me to think positive and accomplish what I set out to do when I know I’m not in it alone. That is what I hope to do with this site: to provide motivation, ideas, and inspiration by sharing my own personal journey towards living a long and happy life.

A couple things about this site: it’s primarily a recipe site with snippets of my life in between. All of the recipes you see here are plant-based, or vegan. I chose to go vegan in February 2013 primarily for health reasons. Prior to that, I was consuming a lot of sugar and eating at irregular times because of a demanding and stressful job that took me to very random places where it was near impossible to eat healthy. For one project, we had fast food brought in every single day for nearly 3 months till one day I requested some vegetables.

This is what they brought:

That’s right. Boxes and boxes and boxes filled with nothing but french fries and onion rings. Vegetables, indeed.

Oh sure – looking back, it’s hilarious. But as I was experiencing it, I felt trapped, unhappy, and very under-nourished. I turned my life around by not only quitting that job but by truly focusing on my diet: I started paying attention to nutrition facts. I started cooking meals for myself at home made from whole foods, bought at Whole Foods (LOL). Most importantly, I started listening my body, eating when I was hungry, giving into cravings rather than denying them, and slowly substituting healthier foods to satisfy those cravings. For more healthy eating tips, see here.

In addition to diet, I also re-discovered my love for fitness. I joined a fitness studio calledPhysique 57 and learned all about high-intensity interval training and became addicted to the barre! However after two faithful years of P57, I decided to switch things up and try other types of exercise such as yoga, pilates, weight training, and spinning at Equinox. So far, it’s been an amazing transition – I love change!

Slowly but steadily, I was taking steps in the right direction. The biggest step of course was quitting my job that I went to business school for (a tough decision), but not before I got an offer at a company I had been admiring for quite some time.

While I love my new job and the freedom it provides, there are absolutely very stressful days as well where I just want to crawl into bed in a fetal position and never leave. I often hear people in bad situations talk about their “dream” job and how everything will be better once they land their “dream” job. There’s really no such thing as a dream job (unless you have Anthony Bourdain’s job). Every job has its share of sh*tty and unpleasant days. For me, I need to feel purpose, I need to feel valued, and I need to have the good, solid days outnumber the bad ones by a decent margin. If I have that, then I’m happy.

It’s been over a year since I started to make these changes, and I feel more healthy, stable, and happy than I’ve felt in years. There are of course bad days too when I feel down in the dumps and complain to any poor soul who will listen, but for the most part, you will find me laughing loudly while clapping, talking very fast about things that interest me, chowing down on my favorite foods, and loving life with my family in NYC. This new attitude towards life has also empowered me to take better care of my family.

My family is small (for now) but mighty! It includes my husband, Tats, who is my rock solid, unconditionally supportive, recipe-tester-guinea-pig and brilliant partner in crime. Aside from myself, he has the best sense of humor I’ve ever witnessed! ;) We met at the University of Michigan where we got our MBAs.

We got married on December 19th, 2011 and had our ceremony on September 29th, 2012 with fifty of our closest family and friends in Battery Park, NYC.

And of course, our lives would never be complete without our impossibly handsome, curious and loving Maine Coon cat, Gizzy, who we adopted in May 2012 from a foster parent that rescued him from a kill shelter. Gizzy was four years old when we adopted him, I can only imagine what he went through. Not a single day goes by where I don’t think about how incredibly lucky we are to have this little guy our lives. He’s my very best friend.

After our adopting Gizzy and hosting our three-day wedding (yes, you read that right: 3 days; the word “wedding” now makes me break out in hives), we journeyed to Greece, Italy and France for our much needed honeymoon.

When we got back, we scoured every inch of Manhattan, purchased our first hometogether and did a major reno on the kitchen on a tight budget (read: DIY). It is now where I spend most of my free time :)

With Tats, Gizzy, and my own family of course, my life is incredibly full of love and for that I am very grateful. We all live really far apart (my parents live in Taipei) and that makes me sad sometimes, but my mother still somehow manages to nag and annoy me at least 5 or 6 times a week (if I’m lucky). Just kidding!

As things in my life change, as they always do, I will be sure to update this page. Stay tuned!

I really do hope you enjoy reading my blog and get something positive out of it. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please send me an email at alonghappylife@gmail.com and I promise to get back to you within a couple days!

Here’s to living a long and happy life.