7 Things I’m Loving Lately (Spring Edition!)

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday morning :)

This past weekend in NYC was absolutely beautiful. We took advantage by having a nice picnic in Central Park with some friends who were visiting from out of town. I packed a big tupperware of my go-to kale salad, made green smoothies for everyone, and together we walked to the park and laid out a picnic blanket and relaxed for most of Sunday afternoon. Feeling the sun on my skin after a very long, brutal winter was amazing!

In anticipation of spring, I’ve been playing around with all kinds of new produce, ingredients, and products. Below are the 7 things that rocking my world lately. I hope you give them a try too, and of course, let me know what you think!



Now that asparagus season is officially ON, I can’t wait to make one of my favorite pizzas,asparagus pizza. Only this time, to veganize it, I will omit the cheese and try making it more like a flat bread. Another way I want to enjoy it is by making use of my mandoline and thinly slicing asparagus into ribbons and tossing with good olive oil, lemon juice, pinenuts, sea salt, and freshly cracked black pepper. Do you guys have any good asparagus recipes to share? :)

MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 50


This sunscreen has knocked my previous favorite sunscreen (by Clarins) out of the park. I am very particular about sunscreens: they must absorb instantly, provide a physical block (versus a chemical one), and have a non-greasy, matte finish. This one not only meets all of those criteria, but it also moisturizes, repairs, and goes on silky smooth. And at $30 for 1.7 oz, a little goes a long way. Also important to note: this sunscreen is ”rated among the top broad spectrum sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) and carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval.”

Sonoma Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


I recently picked up two jars of this coconut oil from TJ Maxx and I am obsessed with it! I put in a tablespoon in my green smoothies every morning, I add a tablespoon to my frying pan and make delicious coconut infused stir fries with it, I add a teaspoon to my morning vegan overnight oats, I dab some on my lips and other dry parts of my skin and massage it in for super soft skin… the possibilities are endless. It adds a deep, creamy, rich and nutty coconut flavor to everything!

Mary’s Gone Crackers


I know I am very late in the game to be discovering the awesomeness of these crackers just now, but OMG they are delicious! My sister has been eating these for ages but I never had any interest. I just don’t like dry, crumbly foods such as crackers, but when I saw these were on sale at Whole Foods (2 for $7) I decided to give the black pepper and onion flavors a try. One bite and I was smitten. It is not dry or crumbly at all, in fact it is full of rich, nutty flavors that would go well with everything. So far I’ve dipped it in hummus and almond butter, crumbled it over savory oatmeal and soups, topped it with olive tapenade and cherry tomatoes for a quick entertaining appetizer, etc. I’m pretty sure this will be a new staple in our household!



Since I quit Physique 57, I’ve been running everyday. When I was younger, I used to run quite a bit and I really enjoyed it. However, since grad school and discovering group fitness classes, I’ve completely stopped. I definitely enjoy the dynamic of group fitness, I find it very motivating. But sometimes it’s nice to just do your own thing, and running definitely fits that bill. So far I’ve been running 4 miles everyday, with Sunday as a rest day. My average mph started at about 9 min 45 sec per mile, now it is down to 9 minutes. I am very happy with my progress and I always look forward to a good run after a long day or some times I checkout the best spin bikes at home gym ! I am thinking about signing up for a half marathon in NYC, does anyone have a good one they recommend?



Also along the lines of fitness, I absolutely LOVE Equinox. My whole gripe with P57 (aside from the very bad customer service @ reception) is that the same old fitness routine got very boring after nearly two years and I felt like my body wasn’t responding the way I wanted it to. It was often stiff and I would have bad leg and back pains from too much barre work. Equinox interested me because they have a variety of yoga, cycling, pilates, stretching, barre, zumba, and kickboxing classes, just to name a few. And those classes are rarely waitlisted so you can always pop by last minute, even after the class starts, which is great for people with busy, unpredictable schedules! P57 used to charge a $30 penalty if you didn’t show up to a class or were late!! Also, there are tons of machines at your disposal and there is never a wait for a certain machine. Other great amenities include great towel service (there is a fridge full of cold, refreshing towels soaked in eucalyptus oil – amazing after a long run!), two free sessions with a personal trainer, a spacious and clean women’s locker room complete with Kiehl’s products (shampoo, conditioner and body lotion), and my personal favorite: saunas and steam rooms, which I take advantage of every night after my workout. It is such a treat for my sore muscles and so very relaxing. If I am thinking to relax then I prefer to use the best available rowing machines in my gyms.

Spinach, Pineapple, Mint and Kale Juice


Inspired by a drink at Juice Generation, Get Your Green On, this is my new favorite juice for warmer weather. Refreshing, naturally sweet, and invigorating, I usually make one after a good workout on the weekends. Here’s the recipe:


  • 1 spring mint
  • 5 large kale leaves, de-stemmed
  • 1 large handful spinach
  • 1 granny smith apple, core removed and roughly chopped
  • 1/4 pineapple, roughly chopped


  1. Juice everything in the order listed above. Alternatively, if you don’t have a juicer, you can blend all of the ingredients and pour content through a sieves. Enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and are even more excited about Spring and the warmer weather to come!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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